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Spring Cleaning Your Refrigerator

For many of us, pleasant weather is a sign that it’s time to get started on our annual spring cleaning. This year, consider adding your refrigerator and freezer to your list of areas and items to be cleaned. Not only does a clean refrigerator mean a tidier kitchen, but getting rid of food that’s been kept too long or stored improperly can prevent illness. The following are the steps you’ll need to know to guarantee cleanliness after refrigerator installation in Gaithersburg, MD.

Throw Out Old Food
If food appears or smells strange, throw it away. Otherwise, check the labels for dates and toss out any items that have been expired for over a month.

Wash the Shelves and Drawers
Take out any removable shelves and drawers and wash them down with a microfiber cloth that’s been submerged in hot water and dish soap. To prevent cracking, any pieces made of glass or ceramic should warm up to room temperature first before coming into contact with hot water.

Wipe Down the Interior
From top to bottom, wipe down the empty interior of your fridge. Treat tough spills with a small amount of baking soda. Repeat the same process on the interior of the door.

Clean the Exterior
Dip a scrub brush in warm and soapy warmer and clean the gasket seal. Scrub the hinges as well, then wipe dry. Next, wipe down the exterior with all-purpose spray and clean from top to bottom. Be sure not to miss the underside of the door handles, as this is where our hands mostly come in contact.

Vacuum the Coils
The coils of your refrigerator can be found on the underside or back of the unit. Using the dust attachment of your vacuum, remove any dust that has built up among the coils.