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Four Ways to Save Energy While Cooking

collection of stainless steel pots and pansIf you are looking for ways to start saving energy daily throughout your home, starting in the kitchen is a smart choice. By taking advantage of energy-saving techniques and appliances, cutting down on monthly bills may be easier than what you’d expect. Here are some ways to save energy while you cook and prepare meals.

Reduce Overall Cook Time
It’s simple: the less time you spend with the oven or stovetop on, the less energy you will use. Reduce cook time by defrosting frozen items in the microwave first, and use the preheat setting for no longer than what is necessary. To save more energy, turn your oven off about ten minutes early and leave your dish inside with the door closed. Your food will still cook through.

Clean Your Stovetop Regularly
Have the burner pans on your stovetop become darker in color due to heavy use? The build-up of grime could be preventing heat from reflecting up to the cookware, thus increasing the required cook time. For maximum efficiency, keep your stovetop as clean as possible.

Use the Right Cookware
When choosing a pot or pan to cook with, refrain from choosing whichever one is closest in reach. Instead, choose a pot that matches the size of the burner. For example, if your pan is only 6 inches and you are cooking on an 8-inch burner, much of the heat will be wasted.

Choose the Right Appliance
Today’s kitchen ranges offer more energy efficiency than older units. Self-cleaning ranges are especially efficient because they have more insulation, while the constant air circulation of convection ranges allows for reduced required temperatures and cooking times. If you have decided on a new appliance that will offer more energy efficiency for your home, turn to Quality Kitchens to complete your oven installation in Washington, DC.