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Consider Upgrading with a New Oven Installation in Washington, DC

Oven Installation in Washington, DCThe range is a central component of most home kitchens. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or looking to upgrade the appliance itself, there are endless possibilities when it comes to replacing this cooking appliance. To help you make a responsible investment, you’ll find several reasons below that you should consider when upgrading your kitchen oven or range.

  • Creating a More Enjoyable Cooking Experience – Food preparation is such an individual experience that it only makes sense to invest in a kitchen range that can keep pace with your cooking habits. Whipping up something delectable can be all the more fun if you’ve taken the time to invest in an appliance that suits you and your home well.
  • Energy Efficiency – Newer models of ranges and ovens are designed with energy efficiency in mind and help make baking and cooking a breeze.
  • Improved Heat Control – Compared to conventional cooktops and older ovens, newer ranges and convection ovens offer more precise heat control.  With multiple burners available to use, you can bring water to boil quickly while maintaining the right temperature for whatever else you’re preparing.

Have you decided on the right type of range or oven for your home or business? The team at Quality Kitchens is available when you need an oven installation in Washington, DC. Turn to us to learn how our experienced technicians can help you create the cooking space you’ve always wanted.

Energy Efficient and Modern Appliances in Rockville, MD

Appliances in Rockville, MDThe importance and value of having well-maintained appliances can’t be understated. From meats to milk, many foods require refrigeration to ensure they don’t spoil before you prepare them. While aesthetics are one of the first considerations that homeowners make regarding their home kitchens, many people today are taking advantage of energy-efficient, space-saving built-in home appliances. Specifically, many people opt for a modern, innovative built-in refrigerator. To help you make an informed choice, you’ll find some of the advantages of choosing this type of fridge listed below.

  • Extra Usable Space – A modern low-height, built-in fridge gives homeowners more cooking and counter space, making it an ideal solution for those looking to save space.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Built-in fridges manufactured after 2002 are Energy Star certified. Since it’s an energy-efficient appliance, installing a built-in refrigerator not only contributes towards going green, but it also helps you cut down on your power bill.
  • Cohesive, Streamlined Kitchen Décor – A built-in fridge won’t protrude out into the kitchen, and instead, gives your cooking space a more streamlined, uniform look. In addition, most modern built-in refrigerators are made of either aluminum or stainless steel, meaning that they often last longer and are designed to complement other modern kitchen appliances.

Thanks to technological advancements, there are many appliance options available today. Visit Quality Kitchens to receive assistance with appliances in Rockville, MD.