Choosing Between a Gas or Electric Range

blue flames of a gas stoveIf you are in the market for a new range, you will need to choose between a gas or electric stove. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types, so keep these considerations in mind as you prepare for your new range installation in Gaithersburg, MD.

When it comes to upfront costs, electric stoves tend to come with a slightly higher price tag than gas ones. However, it’s the operating costs that are typically the deciding factor. Because natural gas costs less than electricity, a gas stove can cost anywhere from 10% to 30% less to operate over time.

If you consider yourself a home chef, it is important to remember that gas stoves can do things that electric ones simply can’t; think charring, toasting, and flambéing. Gas stoves also respond quicker to temperature setting changes, allowing you the precise control you’ll need to be successful when preparing certain dishes. On the other hand, an electric stove can heat up faster, and its smooth surface is easier to clean.

When you are cooking with a gas stove, you are cooking over an open flame. Naturally, this makes gas ranges more dangerous than electric ones. Children and pets should be kept away from a gas stove while it is in use, as well as any items that may be flammable. Also to be considered is the risk of a gas leak, so it is essential to install a carbon monoxide detector.