A refrigerator is an essential part of every home kitchen. Purchasing a new refrigerator is a long-term investment, so it’s important to be well-informed of all the available options before choosing a model for your refrigerator installation service in Rockville. Keep reading to learn about popular refrigerator styles and their important factors such as capacity, installation limitations, and available features.

Top Freezer
Refrigerators with freezers at the top of the unit are perhaps the most popular, and tend to be the least expensive. They typically have plenty of room and can easily store larger dishes. However, when it comes to installation, they do require a wide and deep space to allow the door to fully open. Also, one must bend down to access items in the refrigerator unit, while children and shorter adults may have trouble reaching items at the back of the freezer.

Bottom Freezer
When the freezer is at the bottom of a refrigerator, it is typically designed to pull out like a drawer rather than open as a door. No hunching over is required to access items in the refrigerator that are commonly used, and they are also slightly larger than top freezers. While these fridges are a little more expensive than top freezer models, they are still economically priced. However, they require the same type of space for refrigerator installation service in Rockville as top freezers and are not particularly flexible.

Side-by-side refrigerators feature refrigeration and freezer compartments that are parallel to each other, each tacking up the full length of the appliance. Both doors open from the middle of the fridge, similar to the doors on a cabinet. This creates a narrow design which is great for smaller kitchens as less space is needed to fully open the doors. Side-by-side models tend to have higher price tags than traditional refrigerators, but choosing the widest model that will fit into your available space will give you the most storage for your buck.

French Door
If you’re seeking variety and the best features, a French-door style fridge may be what you’re looking for. These models have a freezer on the bottom of the unit, in addition to the convenience of side-by-side doors for the refrigerator. It has the largest capacity, and some models include an additional deli drawer. French door refrigerators typically include water or ice dispensers, which will require the addition of a water line during your refrigerator installation service in Rockville.