Most homeowners will agree that dishwashers are a great convenience; not only for saving time, but to also help rid bacteria and germs from dishes. However, before starting the search for your next (or first) dishwasher, it’s important to determine which style of the handy appliance is best for your kitchen. To provide some assistance, we’ll be comparing the various styles of dishwashers.

Built-In Under-Counter Dishwashers
The most common type of dishwasher, these built-in units are permanently located. Because there is no hookup to the faucet, your kitchen sink can be used for other purposes while your dishwasher is running. Keep in mind that if you choose this type of dishwasher, you will lose a cupboard; the standard width is 24”, while compact kitchens may have 18” units. However, with a great model and the right dishwasher installation service in Rockville, the convenience of this built-in appliance will quickly outweigh the loss of storage space.

Drawer Dishwashers
While these non-traditional dishwashers come accompanied with a higher price tag, you’ll find them the most convenient. Drawer dishwashers are available with two drawers or as a single-drawer unit. With two drawers, you can run one or both of them as each is independent of the other. You can even use different wash cycles simultaneously. Loading also requires no bending, and you’ll find some above-average features. A drawer dishwasher will require the same type of dishwasher installation service in Rockville as a traditional dishwasher.

Countertop Dishwashers
These dishwashers are economical, but require some counter space located by the sink. (That being said, a countertop dishwasher may be impractical if ample kitchen counter space is essential for you and your family.)  A connection or adapter is needed to attach the unit to the faucet, and it will run as long as the faucet is turned on.

Portable Dishwashers
Portable, free-standing dishwashers are best for those who relocate often. They are operated by being connected with an adapter to the hot water faucet, and do not require dishwasher installation service in Rockville. Free-standing dishwashers can also provide some additional counter space in your kitchen, as most have a durable counter top.