Coordinating the Color of Appliances with Your Kitchen

modern kitchen You want your home to be stylish and modern looking. That means you need to put thought and planning into certain design elements. In this blog from Quality Kitchens, we’ll look at how you can coordinate your kitchen color scheme with your appliances in Rockville, MD.

The options can be divided into two opposite categories. You can complement the color scheme in your kitchen, or you can contrast it. Complementary colors are from a similar shade of the palette while contrasting appliances are chosen to stand out in a way that draws the eye without looking garish.

We often tell our customers that if you’re replacing an appliance in your existing kitchen, it’s wise to choose something that matches the ones in the room. If you’re doing a remodel or renovation and are replacing everything, then you have many more options.

If you decide to follow trends with unique colors and textures, be prepared to make changes as fashions change over time, and you don’t want to be stuck with an outdated kitchen. If you prefer to take a more conservative route, we suggest that going with neutral colors is the best option. This gives you the option of choices when it comes to painting your walls to match, and it also makes selling the home easier if that’s a consideration for you.

When you wish to learn more, please give us a call at Quality Kitchens, and we’ll be happy to discuss this topic.