The Difference Between Slide-In, Drop-In and Freestanding Ranges

Customers often ask us the difference between slide-in, drop-in, and freestanding ranges. Your selection will depend on your available countertop space as well as the layout of your kitchen and its cabinets. Each style also has unique design features and different requirements for range installation in Washington, D.C. To help you make an informed purchase, keep reading to learn the difference between various types of ranges.

Slide-In Ranges
Slide-in ranges slide into an open space in your cabinetry and fit flush with your countertop. Because the side panels of these ranges are not finished, there must be cabinets on each side of the unit for proper range installation in Washington, D.C. The cooktops on slide-in ranges protrude slightly and rest on top of the countertop on each side. This is a pleasant feature, as it prevents food and debris from falling between the range and adjacent cabinetry. Cooktop and oven controls of slide-in ranges are at the front of the appliance.

Drop-In Ranges
Drop-in ranges are dropped into a prepared base with a front panel of cabinetry at the bottom. Custom cabinetry is needed. There is no cookware storage drawer, which may turn away those who need this space to store their pots and pans. However, a drop-in range offers an integrated and high-end look to the kitchen. There is typically no top dash, and controls are placed at the front of the cooktop.

Freestanding Ranges
A freestanding range is what most people likely think of when they think of a range. It is the most economical option, does not require any cabinetry work, and can stand on its own or in-between cabinets. There is a storage or warming drawer on the bottom, and the controls are typically found on the backsplash. Freestanding ranges have the most style choices per brand, as well as fuel options.

When deciding on a range for your kitchen, keep in mind your kitchen design and the designated area available for your new range. If you are simply looking to replace an old range, a freestanding one will provide ease of installation. However, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, this is the ideal time for a slide-in or drop-in range installation in Washington, D.C, if desired.