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The Difference Between Ovens, Stoves and Ranges

appliance installation Rockville MDAs home cooking has evolved over the decades, the terms we call our cooking appliances have also changed. However, there are very definable differences between an oven, a stove and a range. Keep reading to learn what separates these appliances before requesting your appliance installation in Rockville, MD.

An oven is simply a chamber used for cooking, heating or baking food. This can include home ovens, countertop toaster ovens, industrial ovens, and even earth ovens.
While an oven does not refer to anything outside the cooking chamber, such as a burner, many people still refer to the entire unit as an oven.

Technically, a stove is any enclosed space that uses fuel to generate heat. There are many kinds of stoves that provide heat but aren’t used for cooking, such as coal stoves. That being said, ovens can actually be seen as a subset of stoves.
Usually, stoves often include what’s called a stovetop. Stovetops can be separated from the stove and exist on their town, where they’re typically called “cooktops”. These surfaces can use gas or electric heat.

When a stovetop has its own fuel and is connected to an oven, this all-in-one appliance is called a “range”. A range is most likely what is in your kitchen.