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Four Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Dishwasher

close up of loaded rack in dishwasherThe chore of washing dishes uses water, chemicals, energy, as well as your valuable time. However, an efficient approach can help you save some of each. Here are some simple tips to ensure your dishwasher is being used efficiently.

Wait Until You Have a Full Load
Refrain from running a cycle until your dishwasher is at full capacity. Rather than washing only partial loads of dishes, waiting for a full load will ensure you the most cleaning power for every dollar you spend on water, energy, and dish soap.

Skip the Pre-Rinse
Most of today’s dishwashers are effective enough to clean dishes without them being pre-rinsed in the sink beforehand. Save water by scraping leftover food into the trash instead, and use a dry sponge to get rid of food particles that may clog the drain.

Turn Down the Thermostat
Most dishwashers are preset to heat water to about 140°F. By turning the water down to about 120°F, you can still get clean dishes while using less energy.

Consider an Upgrade
Thanks to new standards, newer dishwashers use just a fraction of the water that older models do. While dishwasher installation in Washington, DC, is an investment, money and resources will be saved in the long term when less water and energy is being used.