Signs You Need a New Oven Installation in Washington, DC

You are likely to use your oven so often that you don’t really think about it as an appliance that can wear out over time or break—until it happens. The good news is that a brand-new oven can bring you improved functionality and energy efficiency. So here are some of the warning signs that you might be due for a new oven installation in Washington, DC:

Your Electric Oven Doesn’t Heat to the Desired Temperature – Have you noticed that your oven isn’t able to reach the temperature at which you set it? That usually means a heating element is to blame. While this can be fixable, sometimes the most cost-effective choice is to replace your unit completely.

Your Gas Oven Won’t Light – While a broken electric oven might be a headache, a faulty gas oven can be downright dangerous. When your oven doesn’t light, it could be due to a broken switch, a pilot light problem, or a lack of oxygen. It could also lead to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You Have a Higher Than Usual Energy Bill – Many things can cause your energy bill to spike. One of them is when you have an outdated oven that is underperforming. It takes more energy for your oven to heat up, and if it is struggling to get to and maintain that temperature, it must work harder for longer.

You Notice Rust & Grime in the Interior – Sometimes all your oven needs is a really good cleaning. If the rust is thick enough or starting to corrode parts of the oven, however, it is time to replace your unit. This rust not only causes your food to cook unevenly, but it also greatly affects your oven’s overall performance.

You Hear Strange Noises When Your Oven Is On – An optimized oven is a quiet oven. If you start hearing ticks, buzzes, or scratching when your oven is on that is a sign that there is a loose or faulty part. Immediately turn your oven off and reach out to a professional to see if your oven needs a repair or if it makes more sense to have it replaced.