Common Causes of a Leaky Refrigerator

When it comes to leaks or moisture found on your kitchen floor, they don’t always originate from your sink or dishwasher. Your refrigerator may be to blame, even if it doesn’t have a water dispenser or ice maker.

A Damaged Drain Pan
To prevent pooling inside the food storage area, your refrigerator drains water into a pan. With age and use, your pan may crack and cause water to drip onto the floor. Inspect your drain pan by removing your refrigerator’s kick plate and following the drain line to the pan.

An Obstructed Defrost Drain
This small drain opening is easily blocked by debris or ice, thus preventing water that accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining to the pain. If enough water builds up, it can leak onto the floor. Try clearing the drain by flushing it with hot water.

A Faulty Water Filter or Ice Maker
If there is a poor connection between the water filter or ice maker and the water supply, water will likely escape. Inspect the filter and housing assembly for any signs of dripping, which can be spotted on the outside of the filter and into the fridge’s interior. Then, inspect the water-line connections to the ice maker which may have become loose or damaged.

If your refrigerator is over ten years old, you may want to consider a replacement. To replace your current unit with the help of professional refrigerator installation service in Rockville, contact us at 301.987.9700.