What Kind of Oven is Right for You

Appliances in Rockville, MDYour kitchen oven is used for baking your favorite cake recipes and for making love-filled, home-cooked meals for your family and friends. Choosing the right oven can make a big difference in your kitchen’s look, feel, and function. During a kitchen remodel, or when building a home, there are many considerations when choosing an oven, including the size, type, color, and price. It can be a difficult task to decide on the perfect oven from amongst all the appliances in Rockville, MD.

Here are some points to think about when selecting the best kitchen oven for your needs:

Wall Oven or Range

Do you prefer a wall oven or a range unit that combines the oven and cooktop?  Wall ovens usually have less cubic space than range ovens; however, they are often much more convenient for inserting and taking out hot food because you do not have to bend down.  Another plus is the addition of more cupboard space below the cooktop for cabinets.

Related: Double or Single Oven?

In terms of oven appliances, do you need a double oven or a single one? If you select a wall oven, you may have the option of installing double ovens (two wall ovens with independent heat and controls) that allow you to cook two different dishes at different temperatures when needed.


Cleaning ovens is a chore, but opting out of the self-cleaning feature can save you some money. However, self-cleaning ovens often have more insulation, and they tend to keep the heat in better, which may save you money on energy costs, potentially offsetting the initial added expense.