Five Ways to Deodorize Your Refrigerator without Chemicals

interior of refrigerator with produce and dairyMany of us use baking soda to keep our refrigerator smelling fresh. Here are some additional ways you can clean or deodorize your refrigerator with items that you likely already have in your kitchen.

Coffee Grounds
Coffee is known to absorb smells. If baking soda isn’t working as well to deodorize your fridge as you had hoped, you can distribute freshly ground coffee evenly on a plate and place it inside for 24 hours.

You have likely already heard about the cleaning powers of vinegar. For a mixture that is ideal for cleaning the surfaces of a refrigerator, use three parts hot water to one part vinegar. The toughest stains will benefit most from straight, undiluted vinegar.

Simply squeeze some lemon juice into a towel, and then scrub the surfaces that need cleaning. To retrieve the most juice from the lemon, try microwaving it first for about ten seconds.

Salt is another handy cleaning tool for those who wish to avoid chemicals while cleaning. Dissolve a cup of salt into a gallon of hot water and saturate a cloth with the mixture. For a pleasant scent, add some lemon juice.

This is an excellent option as we head into the holidays! Just soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil using a shot glass. Just as you would use an open box of baking soda, place the glass in the back of your fridge. You can also use this method with vanilla extract.