Four Benefits of Built-in Dishwashers

modern kitchen with loaded dishwasherIf you are renovating your kitchen, an important choice you will likely make during the process is whether to purchase a freestanding or built-in dishwasher. Here are a few reasons that we have found many of our clients to prefer dishwashers that are integrated with their kitchen cabinetry.

Saved Space
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a built-in dishwasher is saved space. When a dishwasher is installed along with the kitchen cabinets, it will not take up additional real estate in your kitchen. You will also benefit from a much neater and streamlined kitchen design.

More Capacity
While a built-in dishwasher will allow you to save on kitchen space, you will still benefit from being able to store more dishes. Unless if you live alone, you may find that a portable dishwasher will be unable to store all of the dishes that need to be cleaned at once.

Less Noise
While built-in dishwashers do not necessarily produce less noise than portable ones, their operating noise is quietened by the surrounding cabinetry.

Specialized Cycles
Built-in dishwashers typically feature wash cycles that are not found with freestanding units, including rapid, heavy, and glass.

If at least two people reside in your home and you are not planning to relocate often, a built-in dishwasher is likely the preferred choice for you. To get started with your built-in dishwasher installation in Washington, D.C., contact our contractors today at (301) 987-9700.